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"Moos is a two year old black labrador living in the Netherlands. In The Hague to be exact. Moos always gets overly excited when she sees people. Anyone, really! Young or old, short or tall. Just by existing you are Moos’ best friend. And that should make you feel pretty special!
When Moos sees you in the distance, she gets more excited than a hungry kid in a candy store. If humankind could just find a way to harness the power of her wiggly tail, we would have found an eternal source of sustainable energy. And trust us, we are working on it!
Moos’ short black fur is dark like a Swedish winter night, yet soft as velvet. And the only thing more beautiful than her physical appearance, is her personality. She will lovingly jump up and around you when you meet her. That is why you better not wear your new pants, unless ‘muddy paw print’ comes into fashion. Which it hopefully will, soon! Her enthusiasm is contagious. And so is her love.
Be like Moos today, and go spread some love!"

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