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Goodbye Avocargo

Hello you, 

As of April 3d 2023, Avo Mobility GmbH has stopped operation of its sharing service in Berlin and Munich. 

Loic's words...

Hi I am Loic, formerly founder from Avocargo. As you might know, Avocargo had to close in 04/2023 for lack of funding. I did not give up on the vision to make mobility better i our cities.

Prominent feedback from Avocargo users was that not being sure to get a bike everyday in front of their house  did not allow them to actually switch their everyday mobility needs to cargobikes, i decided to fix this.. with Welgo

Avocargo Shooting 1.00_36_49_15_edited.jpg
Violet Moyen Carré Immobilier Logo-3_edited.png

The electric cargo bike subscription


A range of 5 cargo bikes 100% customizable for your family 

La gamme Welgo 2024.png

All-inclusive subscription: insurance, repairs... 

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